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I was looking for unique items to put on this page and when I saw Bob Ross’ Bubblehead I knew what it would be.


We watch Bob Ross on PBS Plus many nights at 9:30. We listen to his intro then turn the sound off and enjoy his painting. The quietness helps to get to sleep quicker. It is amazing what he can paint in less than thirty minutes. He does work before the show sometimes to put an oval shape over the painting area or to get the surface wet before he starts painting. I think I could do that while I am watching. If I tune in late though I find myself wondering how did he do that?

He likes landscapes, sun light, clouds, mountains, forests, lakes, streams, snow, trees and cabins. Bob seems to use a selected palette of colors that blend well together. He changes his palette of colors from time to time. The first five or ten minutes I think I don’t like this one so far but as his work progresses I like it more and more.  By the end many paintings are very good. If he signs it in red that means he likes it too. Sometimes he brings out a squirrel and plays with it. I take animal and bird pictures so this is a treat. His son has been on the show and is a good painter.

Bob likes to slap his brush on a metal post underneath his sink to get it clean, he gets a kick out of this but I noticed his son does not use the same approach so much to clean his brushes. I enjoy how Bob puts perspective and depth in his paintings. If you click on the Amazon links below you can see Bob’s work on Amazon. There are several other links with oddies below. The photos above are ones I have taken or created with GIMP.

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Martin/F. Weber Bob Ross Master Paint Set

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug – Add Coffee or Tea and a Happy Little Scene Appears – Comes in a Fun Gift Box

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1

Best of the Joy of Painting

Bob Ross Landscape Oil Paint and Brushes 27-Piece Bundle, 14x Paint Colors (37ml), 12x Brushes and Painting Knives, 1x Velono Roll-Up Case

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