Sunset Images Photography
Sunset Tucson Arizona

Sunset Images Photography

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This is a blog post about ruminative sunsets. Synonyms are: thoughtful, reflective, contemplative, musing, meditative, introspective, absorbed, preoccupied, deep/lost in thought, in a brown study. I hope you enjoy several moments looking at these photos.

In some languages, points of the compass bear names etymologically derived from words for sunrise and sunset. The English words “orient” and “occident”, meaning “east” and “west”, respectively, are descended from Latin words meaning “sunrise” and “sunset”. The word “levant”, related e.g. to French “(se) lever” meaning “lift” or “rise” (English “elevate”), is also used to describe the east.

Sunset Images Photography

In Polish, the word for east wschód (vskhud), is derived from the morpheme “ws” – meaning “up”, and “chód” – signifying “move”. (From the verb chodzić – meaning “walk, move”), due to the act of the Sun coming up from behind the horizon. The Polish word for west, zachód (zakhud), is similar but with the word “za” at the start, meaning “behind”. From the act of the Sun going behind the horizon. In Russian, the word for west, запад (zapad), is derived from the words за – meaning “behind”, and пад – signifying “fall”. (From the verb падать – padat’), due to the act of the Sun falling behind the horizon. In Hebrew, the word for east is ‘מזרח’, which derives from the word for rising, and the word for west is ‘מערב’, which derives from the word for setting. Wikipedia

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